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  • Oh my goodness gracious me, I’ve stumbled across a super food. I know. This kind of thing doesn’t just happen. Not on your daily stroll to the mail box. But it did to me. I recently tore open a parcel from Manitoba Harvest Hemp– THANKS- (how did you know I love both parcel’s AND superfoods?). I especially heart hemp hearts. They pack quite the little nutrient punch. Seriously. Delicious. I won’t be without these guys next time I travel to Siberia, or need to cheer up a sad little airplane meal. Check out two of my recent and very tasty hemp-a-licious concoctions.

    It’s been a bit rainy in Canmore so I’ve had some time in the kitchen. Which is, for those who know me, where I unleash my evil cooking genius. Yesterday I made ricotta cheese. I repeat, I MADE cheese and it’s EASY. I blew my own mind with that one. I dare you to try it. Instant cred. After that I finally got a few herbs planted on my deck, and now we wait for sun.

    I drove across the prairies to the motherland of Manitoba (16 hours and one left turn) for two weeks of sublime weather, family fun and a wedding (not my own). The training was great- ranch style, which means hard and so fun. And there is no better way to end a hot intensity session, than attempting a backflip off a water trampoline, into a glassy lake. I was hard pressed to leave the +30 weather, and return to Canmore, especially when I heard there was almost a foot of snow. In June. I know. Brutal. But here I am for the summer, and it’s actually a pretty sweet place.

    Anyway, a HUGE thank you to Manitoba Harvest Hemp for their rad products. I highly recommend checking them out. Get hempy. They don’t disappoint.


     this is the cheese. so proud.






     the batter…








     and the result. Ultra healthy orange cranberry hemp muffins. Below are the flax and hemp crackers. Also delicious. Let me know if you would like the recipes.







     training, ranch style. and no, the buckets aren’t empty.

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