To Winter With Love

  • Summer is gone. Gone. Left in a blast of hot air once again. Typical. I think it happened somewhere around the time I was packing my ski bag for Austria. Okay, maybe I was hinting. Winter and I are more than pals. Tight. The real deal. In love. And that’s not about to change.

    Don’t get me wrong Summer, we’ve had a good run. It all started in Bend, Oregon. Pretty much every nordic team in North America was there. Remember? Training partners at every turn, slackline and a flirtatious sun. I was weak in the knees.

    And how could you forget that hot piece of Manitoba that we shared back in June. Water trampolines and backflips into the lake after scorching workouts. Being serenaded by crickets and frogs during humid screened porch nights? I was head over heels.

    Or Canmore? Stormy days of battling mountains on rollerskis, bluebird mornings on the range followed by afternoon biking. Potluck dinners with friends and cozy bonfire evenings. I loved every minute of it.

    It’s not you, Summer. It’s me. It’s time for a change, I think we both know it. Plus, Winter’s found it’s way back into my heart. I won’t lie- I’ve already been out skiing. All that cool glacier and ski tunnel air makes my cheeks rosy. Quite a thrill. I can already feel my fingers and toes tingling.

    I’m ready to be swept off my feet, even if it’s by a patch of ice that makes me look quite the fool. I’m longing for toques, dizzy for ski trails and wanting snowflakes to make me bat my eyelashes. Even that love hate thing we have with warm skin and frosty metal. It’s just so us. Winter, I’m into you. Bigtime.

    So goodbye Summer, maybe we can be friends again next year? But right now Winter has me all wrapped up.

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