AC Milan moves forward with plans to build new stadium.

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AC Milan is still building a new football stadium in the San Donato area after being denied permission to demolish the old San Siro.

Such a plan is inevitable. This is because local authorities have officially confirmed that. The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza commonly known as San Siro cannot be demolished. As it is protected by the same rules that cover structures of architectural importance history UFABET 

This means that both Milan and Inter will have to look elsewhere for a new more modern stadium. AC Milan has reserved space in the San Donato Milanese area. As confirmed by Milan. Massimiliano Mistretta, City Public Works Assessor

“Milan can present their project within a few weeks. The city council is open to the club. Milan’s interest in San Donato is real and concrete.” Mistretta told I. Giorno 

According to the report, “Red-Black Devils” will build a stadium with a capacity between 65,000-70,000 spectators. Similar to San Siro are expect to be complete by 2029 and include a raised bridge so fans can walk or cycle from the metro station to the stadium.

Alessandro Antonello Corporate, CEO of Inter Milan said Milan’s new stadium will be combine with green space. That can be live all year There is 50,000 square meters of recreational space.