how to play dragon tiger Techniques for winning Tiger and Dragon card games

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There are some guidelines for playing Tiger and Dragon cards. It is a game with a small number of players, choosing to bet based on their current wins. To hope that the selected side of the Tiger and Dragon card will win in succession very often. In addition. If the number of decks of cards used in online gambling and the shuffling program shows. It is probable that the superiority of the bet is reduced by the number of cards. It’s like playing blackjack where players can convert the table into bets.

  1. For entering to play cards Tiger and Dragon These types should use a cold heart rhythm waiting formula. Allowing the game to run for 2-3 eyes. Knowing that the cards come out in alternating, winning, ping-pong style.
  2. When it arrived at the 4th turn, entering the way of the dragon was the winner. After reaching the 5th turn, let the players go down the tiger’s way. By choosing a fixed betting formula. But it is not appropriate to choose a payment that contradicts the game or choose to stay within the budget that we can afford to lose without difficulty. Even in the matter that we lose should be based on stabbing either side. Should not switch sides by increasing the capital 2 times the bet to extract profits and capital ours is back too
  3. Let the player gamble to change the table over and over. Should not choose to stay at one table for a long time because if there is a winning rhythm, then have to stop playing at a new table. or take a break to play again next time

Online Dragon Tiger Betting Formula

      Dragon And Tiger card betting formula that will be introduced to you to test using it is how to play Dragon Tiger cards. by using the table tennis card layout formula There will be only some guidelines. The nature of the money flow is as follows. สมัคร UFABET

  1. The first point the player needs to do is consider or analyze by observing the card game before placing 2-3 bets in order to catch the track. come and play Or pay the bet in the game 4 5 6 or when there is an idea that it is ready to reduce the way to lose bets Or if a ping-pong card is born, then immediately place a bet.
  2. The pattern of the Dragon Tiger cards will have an alternating win pattern. If the card draws a tiger in the 4th game, the 5th game, we recommend that you let the player do the dragon laying. In which you must use the money walk formula in the form of 1,1,1 or 2,2,2 will be more or less depending on the investment of the player’s gender.
  3. For the payout, the player should not place more than 5-6 games, rest or change the table for play. This content, the author only recommends to gamblers who know how to play Dragon Tiger. And enjoy playing formulas that have been recommended to you.