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Pok Deng is bounce. How to play and there are various techniques. That can beat the dealer But the basics that you need to know is to know. How to play bounce cards and there are techniques. That experts use and make real profits. and still use less budget What techniques are there? สมัคร UFABET

How to play Pok Deng? Let’s see how to play Pok Deng to get money.

  • Let’s cut the cards technically – This technique is for preventing the dealer. From getting 8-9 cards in a row for many rounds. It can be considered a basic little technique. That has been use for a long time. Cutting may not be technical. but will help to block the person. Who shuffles the cards so that they won’t get hits in a row. Which is how to shuffle the bounce cards By doing this. It will help you win against the dealer. Because every time you cut, it’s like extracting from you to get Pok, because it’s a way to shuffle the bounce cards to get Pok 9.
  • Play more than one hand to achieve card distribution – Good bounce poker bets require techniques such as multi-leg technique to spread the risk. and some people who like to play with one leg That will be at the risk of losing a lot. Because the cards will not change or spread. To be the same way over and over again The chance of losing in a row is very high. This is another technique that actually works.
  • Buy the last hand to keep as encouragement – ​​betting by buying the last hand to keep. That will help to be comfortable when losing the main hand, there is also a secondary hand to win as well. Maybe it’s better timing to win both the main hand and the minor hand. spread the profit further and get the best results
  • Just ask for a face-up of a card without anyone playing it – a hand-to-hand betting. That are distributed to reveal the results. Without anyone betting Or may bet with a minimum amount of money to see the card first. And also help extract, not you can Pok. Even if you get Pok 8-9, it’s not damaged because you don’t bet too hard.