Kane insists he’s not distracted, devotes himself fully to “Spur”

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Harry Kane insists he has not been distracted by the World Cup at all and that he is fully focused on Tottenham Hotspur, with just over a month remaining before the tournament. Qatar will start

With just 41 days left before England’s World Cup debut against Iran on 21 November

, Spurs still have 10 games left before the Premier League break. Brakes to allow players to travel to the World Cup.

They are set to face Eintracht Frankfurt in the Champions League on Wednesday night and Kane has so far been in superb form, scoring eight goals in his first nine games

. Did his head think of the World Cup, Kane replied: “We have a very tight schedule. We have to go on the field next to each other.”

“Usually you have six weeks to prepare before a big tournament. Now we have a week to adjust our minds and minds to the biggest tournament in football.” the UFABET reports

“That’s probably the hardest thing. But we are preparing hard at the club. We train hard before each game we have to play for the club. The World Cup isn’t something that’s in my head right now

. I will continue to do that.”

Kane has started every game this season and had an ankle injury that happened against Brighton at the weekend. causing the national team to worry as well

He is back fit for Wednesday night’s start. And said it’s also important to think positively about injuries.

“I feel that whenever I think about the pain, whenever I think of it again, it almost always has a bad effect.”

“I play every game with 120 per cent effort for the team and so is football. Sometimes you get unlucky and get hurt.”

“From my point of view, I’m not just recuperating at the club. But while away from the club I made sure my recovery was going well and that I was in the best shape possible to avoid injury and but of course anything can happen for football.”

“But it doesn’t change my play or the way I think. Doing that would be wrong. I play every game in an effort to give my best for the team and the club. Try to focus on that.”