Kao Ke cards, how to play, how to win?

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Kao Ke has a play style similar to Pokdeng mixed with poker It is a game that requires betting. (It’s a gambling game) in the past if the player did not want to gamble. Other items can be substituted, such as chips or candy (which will be returned to the original owner when finished). and then exchange the zip for money again

What is Kao Ke?

It is a type of card gambling that Thai people also like to play. The general playing style is that only 3 cards are dealt. Nine cards are considered high-risk cards. Because it is a card that cannot be drawn, that is, 3 cards are dealt, and if you get any, you can take that one. If luck is good, get good points.

Playing nine-kee requires a high degree of flair to lure opponents. And must have a lot of capital to play with, for example, if there are few points But if you dare to take the risk that you want to win, you have to invest your money over your competitors. to have a chance to win But to invest in Ketub, we have to look at the situation in that eye first. Look at competitors first, such as facial expressions, gestures, and verbs. สมัคร UFABET