Messi set a 10-day deadline with Barca.

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Lionel Messi has given Barcelona a 10-day deadline to make it clear the club can bring him back to Camp Nou under Financial Fair Play rules.

Derio Sport reported on Wednesday that. Argentine striker Leoel Messi has set a deadline for Barcelona to confirm that. The club will be able to bring him back to the Camp Nou within the next 10 days. 

Messi has expressed his desire to return to the Nou Camp after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires this summer. But Barcelona have yet to make a formal bid for the Argentinian. Reports have previously claimed that the 35-year-old has given the Azulgrana a deadline of 10 days to confirm. But that does not mean he will sign a contract during that timeframe. 

But Messi only wants the Catalunya giants to move faster to confirm his return to the Nou Camp is possible under LA’s Financial Fair Play rules league

Barcelona have delivered an economic plan for their moves this summer to La Liga after the Spanish league demanded the Azulgrana lower their salary ceiling by €200m and with Gerard leaving the club. Pique, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba have saved the club around €100m. UFABET

However, Barcelona still need to make up for the closure of the Nou Camp and move to the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic, resulting in a 50m euro drop in club revenue. 

La Liga is expected to approve Barcelona’s economic plan next week. Then the Azulgrana team will have to proceed with the sale of players and signing the contracts they have planned. This includes a deal with Messi.