Oxlade-Chamberlain Returned to practice lightly with the swans.

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Liverpool have some good news when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Their midfield has returned to light training.

Oxlade-Chamberlain Haven’t been on the field this season because of a thigh injury. But close to recovering, close to coming back to play again

There is no chance the 29-year-old will be involved in Wednesday night’s clash with Rangers as Liverpool have not registered him for the Champions League.

Another good news for the “Reds” is that Andy Robertson, the number one left-back, also joined in training,

the last time Robertson made his debut for the famous club at Mersey. Side played against Napoli on 7 September before suffering a knee injury that has forced him to rest since. the UFABET reports 

Still, they still have heartbreaking news to worry about because Luis Diaz will be out of the World Cup for a long time. Due to a knee injury in the defeat to Arsenal

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joel Matip will be out for about two weeks due to knee and ankle injuries respectively

, with Curtis Jones likely to return. The team will soon, but in the case of Naby Keita and Artur Melo still maintain the same.

Their form has been inconsistent this season and are hoping to secure a win over Rangers, who are currently second in the Champions League group stage, collecting six points from their opening three games.