‘Ratcliffe’ reveals contact to buy ghost but ‘ Glazer ‘ doesn’t sell

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British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe has revealed he was asked about becoming the new owner of Manchester United, but the Glazer family refused

. Want to become a new owner, “Red Devils” after the beginning of the year had tried to buy Chelsea, but failed

on Tuesday night, Ratcliffe gave an interview to the UFABET to update the progress of the takeover deal. “I’ve been a Manchester United

fan my entire life,” Ratcliffe said.

“I was at Barcelona to watch the most memorable game, the 1999 Champions League final. Which is something that has been ingrained in my mind since then

. and a true gentleman.”

“But they don’t want to sell Manchester United, if they were willing to sell last summer, we might try to try, after the Chelsea deal is over,

but we can’t wait. Hopefully one day United will be able to sell it.”

Ratcliffe, 69, is the CEO of chemical company Ineos. And is called the richest British in the world. With Forbes estimating he has a total wealth of around 10 billion pounds.

He also owns a football club Nice in Ligue 1, as well as Lausanne in Switzerland.

Ratcliffe has been questioned whether he is interested in buying another Premier League club. Is it not

a Premier League club, but an important club

? I think Nice has an interesting history, it’s a big club and it’s attractive to players, Because the weather conditions there are similar. California”