Rio reads Ten Hag’s game speech to encourage Sancho.

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has analyzed Erik ten Hag’s interview. With Jadon Sancho as more of a motivation for the player.

The issue of Ten Hag and Sancho became such a big issue that. The media picked up on the news that the pair had a problem. Which the English footballer You may lose your future after responding to your boss’s words UFABET

However, Rio’s reading of this game was that. Ten Hag knew what he was doing and points out that. The Dutch boss has impressively handled the matters of Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“The most important thing for me is to understand why he said that. What I get from this is that he gave Sancho a few months off last season for personal reasons. To keep him fully fit.”

Rio told TNT Sport.

“He gave Sancho a chance to play, I think Sancho started around 20 games last season. And he is looking for ways to encourage some positive reactions from Jadon on the pitch. He has tried many different methods and I think this is where he tries to get a reaction from the players. Every manager does something different.”

“I was surprised. (Sancho’s response) You don’t normally see players responding to public statements like that.”

“What will Sancho’s road back be like? There must be a discussion between the manager and the players. The couple communicates publicly. Now it’s about what’s best for Manchester United. They need to decide that and talk about it openly and honestly.”

“I think Erik ten Hag wants Jadon Sancho to perform at Manchester United. He hopes the reaction will come from that. Me too, Ten Hag, had been decisive in his decision before. Look at what he did to Rashford when he was late for a team meeting.”

“He put Rashford on as a substitute and got a reaction. Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation he dealt with it and the team got where he needed to be. He achieved that goal. He had to deal with these important situations head-on. and hope to have good results from this matter.”