What is Kao Ka? Guide how to play, rules, card counting.

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Hello readers For today we are going to introduce a card game call Kao Ka. Which is what nine Kae cards are and how to play. How is the counting of the face of the cards and the characteristics of the cards? By today we will take you all to find the answer. along with teaching you to know in detail

Nine is

baccarat That has a play style that is similar to Pok Deng mixed with poker. It is a game that requires bets to be placed before starting to play (coupons). Use to play with friends But at present. Kao Ka is one of the card games. That online casinos have brought to their friends. You all play together Therefore, placing bets It will be in the form of chips or real money.

Nine is

When the game starts, all friends who want to play Kao Ka must place bets. (compensation fee) according to the amount that the room or table is set. Then will shuffle the cards dealt to the players It can start from anyone first (in the first round), but in the next round. The winner in the previous turn must be distribute first. And distributed to the left of the winner respectively. All players are dealt 3 equal cards each. สมัคร UFABET

Then all 3 cards are counted to see. Which side has the most points or has a bigger special point. 

The highest points are 9 points, while the special points are arranged from the smallest. Go for the most, that is.

  • Colors : For colored cards. They are divide into 4 colors. Arranged from the smallest color to the largest color as follows: Clubs ♣ Diamonds ♦ Hearts ♥ and Spades ♠.
  • Sort : For sequential cards. It is the number of face cards that are lined up. Such as 2-3-4 or 10-JQ .
  • Sian : For Sian cards are all three western cards, except A, such as QQK or KQK.
  • Tong : For Tong, is to receive all 3 cards of the same face, such as 3-3-3 or KKK .
  • Straight Flush : For straight flush, it is the number of face cards. That are line up and each card is the same color. For example 7♠-8♠-9♠ or Q ♥ -K ♥ -A . ♥

which when receiving all 3 cards and seeing their own card points Next will be a raise. A raise is if you think that your face is big enough to fight with others. Will be able to place more bets. But in order to place bets. Bets must be placed in the order of the cards dealt. It starts with the player who gets the first card. To the person on the left, keep going.

If any player whose face card is not big enough. Able to fold to stop playing in that round. (When the cards are fold. They will immediately lose the money or the sum of money)

When the players agree that they will not raise more overlaps. will open the cards to measure the points that Who will have bigger card points? The winner will receive the entire pot. (Including bets raised) or if the player has only one card left (Want to raise) where all other players have dealt their cards. The player holding the card will be the winner of the round. and have the right to turn over the cards or not to turn over the cards